Financial advisory

Business or assets valuation

The need for objective evaluation of a business entity, or part of its business is very common, particularly in the processes of mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances or execution of joint ventures by several companies, but also in estimating the fair value of shares quoted on the stock market. Various internal and external factors, past business results and future expectations make valuation a demanding and complex process.

Valuation of a company largely relies on properly set business plans and realistic assessment of the likelihood of their realization. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the business environment, business processes and ultimately apply an adequate evaluation method or combination of evaluation methods.

Certus Regimen provides guidance and support in business valuation processes and aims to accurately determine the company’s static, dynamic or relative value, and objectively assess all effects that may lead to a potential change in the company value.

Business plans and feasibility studies

During the business cycle, companies go through different periods, which can be characterized as stable mature phases and periods of change. A stable mature phase assumes a good market position and satisfactory financial results. Periods of change require consideration of various strategies and directions that could determine the company’s future.

A necessity for achieving satisfactory business results, regardless of strategy, is a detailed business plan that quantifies future objectives and business results, usually 1 to 5 years in advance. Understanding various processes within the company and evaluating market opportunities are crucial for designing and modeling business plans. Business plan modeling is often a necessary sequence of mergers and acquisition or financial restructuring, but often business plan modeling can be the starting point of those processes.

Certus Regimen provides security and support for its client’s through implementing our expertise and experience in business plan modeling, strategy implementation and post process performance reporting.

Financial restructuring

Financing sources and capital budgeting are among the most important preoccupations of company management. Well-established financing of business activities, access to capital and a balanced capital structure are vital for a stable and productive business and future activities planning.

Imbalances between assets and liabilities and a generally unstable balance sheet structure can lead to irrational increase in costs, liquidity problems and reduce the borrowing capacity. Companies that already face these problems must necessarily carry out a financial restructuring in order to stabilize daily operations and realize their development prospects.

Problems such as unprofitable operations, insufficient working capital or unfavorable financial and market conditions need expert analysis that will respond to specific needs.

In financial restructuring consulting Certus Regimen provides solutions to remedy the existing problems in financing operations through various structured financing models.