Financial intermediation

Individual investments or entire investment cycles that include purchase, construction or upgrading of office buildings, industrial plants and equipment typically require large capital expenditures, which can affect the financial stability of a company. Companies often fail to comprehensively analyze such investments and underestimate risks and costs associated with the investments, which makes the projects profitability questionable.

Different classes of assets demand different sources of financing while adequate capital structure improves usage and effectuation of revenues from particular type of assets or business. The decision to undertake and financially large investments requires expertise and specific knowledge.

Trading with different commodities (with physical delivery) is easier with well structured financing model which takes into consideration sizes and capital structure, its costs, purchases and goods delivery risks as well as logistic demands.

In process of finding comprehensive solutions for financing asset purchase or investment development in project financing, Certus Regimen advises about selecting a financing method that is consistent with the projects’ objectives, while justifying its profitability.